Ionia Public Schools recognizes outstanding Employees of the Month

Ionia Public Schools has selected its outstanding Educators of the Month, announced Sept. 20 at the Board of Education meeting by Superintendent Ben Gurk.

Gurk told school board members he received 36 nominations for the honor. Parents, students and staff may nominate educators for this award by visiting bit.ly/3B0ChG6.

5 generations

AMISH COOK: The apples of Gloria’s eyes

Do you know the feeling of just going through your house, emptying closets, cleaning out drawers, then wondering how you ever ended up with markers in a clothes drawer or a butter knife in the bathroom? Things get mysteriously shuffled at our house. Even putting that aside there’s always a need of sorting through another drawer, getting rid of unneeded items or getting out bigger sizes for our growing children.

OUR VIEW: Newspaper modernization protects Michigan citizens

This week the Michigan Senate unanimously passed the Newspaper Modernization bills, SB 258 and SB 259 sponsored by Sen. Sylvia Santana, D-Detroit, and Sen. Curtis VanderWall, R-Ludington.

Michigan law currently requires that public notices — notifying readers of such things as public hearings and budget approvals — are printed in their local newspapers. Bills SB 258 and SB 259 would expand access to information about what government bodies are doing by requiring newspapers to also post these public notices — at no extra cost to the public entities — on their newspaper websites in front of any paywalls. In addition, newspapers also would be required to upload all public notices that publish in their newspaper to a statewide website where they are accessible to the general public free of charge.

Golfers donate to ‘Simply Give’

Tri County goes on 16-0 run after 75-minute lightning delay, beats Central Montcalm 16-6

The crowd was packed on both sides, it was senior night and the Tri County Vikings were rolling out one of their best teams in recent memory to take on their conference and county rival Central Montcalm.

The Vikings held all the ingredients for a victory and yet came out a bit sluggish and allowed Central Montcalm to score first. On just their second drive of the game, Central Montcalm senior quarterback Kaleb Crooks rushed in from five yards out to take an early 6-0 lead on the Vikings after the failed two-point conversion.

PUBLIC FORUM: Thank you from Crystal Lions Club

The Crystal Lions Club would like to thank the Crystal Township Downtown Development Authority for their donation of $500 in support of our Downtown Flowers Project.

PUBLIC FORUM: Politics harming public health

The budget bill passed earlier this month by the Michigan Legislature contains language that was purposely inserted to further restrict the powers of local public health departments to control the spread of communicable diseases.

The governor yesterday signed the budget with this boilerplate language in it but indicated in her signing statement that portions of the bill are unenforceable and unconstitutional.

MAUREEN BURNS: The angrier you get

So Richard moves his place of business to a new spot in town. He has a party to celebrate. His friend, Mel, sends him flowers. At the party, Mel looks for his flowers. When he finds them, he sees the card says, “Rest in peace.”

He’s furious. He leaves the party, goes to the florist and screams and swears at him. He demands new flowers and his money back. The entire time he’s ranting, the florist just laughs. Mel yells, “What are you laughing at?”

JULIE STAFFORD: Our most priceless possession

If you were to look at my extended family’s medical history, you would be impressed. Not in a good way. It’s sprinkled with all kinds of cancers — both childhood and adult: leukemias, Ewing’s sarcoma, melanoma, colon, breast, multiple myeloma, lung.

Four of those affected have beat the odds and are healthy, happy people who stand as proof that lifestyle and attitude can make a difference in your health — even when it’s challenged.