Appeals court affirms Ionia man’s 2019 convictions

Jeremia Scott Johnson guilty of OWI, other driving offenses

The state appeals court has affirmed an Ionia man’s convictions after finding there were no errors that warranted a reversal.

Michigan Court of Appeals Judges Mark Boonstra, Mark Cavanagh and Michael Gadola issued their opinion on Sept. 2.

Belding man’s 2006 R&O conviction set aside, despite former police officer’s protest

An Ionia County Circuit Court judge set aside a Belding man’s 2006 conviction for resisting and obstructing a police officer causing injury after he told her he is “not that person.”

Tony Lee Butler, 53, wiped his eyes several times after Judge Suzanne Kreeger told him at his Aug. 31 hearing that he met the criteria for setting aside — also known as expungement of — his felony conviction, “with all respect” to the victim, the judge noted.

Two-day Labor Day feature at Crystal Motor Speedway features five local winners

Saturday night, the big two-day Labor Day event at Crystal Motor Speedway got rolling with two traveling sprint series and most of the weekly divisional action.

Jac Nickles of Harrod, Ohio, claimed the feature win in the Hiram’s Lightning Sprints over Brendon Cascadden of Traverse City, Alex Cogley of Findlay, Ohio, Mack Erickson of South Boardman, and Lindsey Erickson of South Boardman. Nickles had also picked up the feature in his previous 2021 appearance at the raceway.

SANDY MAIN: Once Upon a Daily

150 years ago

“School commences” — The Union School commenced on Monday last. The attendance is very large, including a great number of foreign pupils. Owing to the great number of pupils in the primary departments, a division was made of classes A and B, and a part transferred to the old schoolhouse which has been refitted for their reception. The division was made according to location, those nearer the new building attending there; those nearer the old building attend there. The little ones generally like the change.

Dancing with the pros

Ballet brought to life for children as they dance with professionals at ‘Fairy Tales on the Farm’ 

Skipping and dancing across the stage, Aleena Villalopos, 8, of Greenville couldn’t believe the opportunity she and about a dozen other children received as they moved gracefully alongside professional dancers inside “the large barn” at Frugthaven Farm. 

For Aleena, the rustic setting was one of wonder brought to life on Sunday as four company dancers from the Deos Contemporary Ballet of Grand Rapids performed their “Fairy Tales on the Farm” production, dressed as characters from “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and “The Three Little Pigs.”

Performers display their talents at Belding Labor Day Talent Show/Open Mic

Autumn Roossien nervously walked on stage, requesting that the microphone be placed in a stand rather than holding it. She was afraid, if she used a hand-held mic, that her hands would shake so much.

In her debut singing on stage, the Belding 10-year-old harmoniously sang Christina Perry’s “1,000 Years,” at first shyly, but then warming up to a flawless performance.

Sports roundup for Sept. 8, 2021

Sports roundup for Sept. 8, 2021

Pets strut their stuff at Belding Labor Day Pet Show

Eric Leiter of Belding found his dog Khaos as a rescue dog.

The black and brown rottweiler was likely turned in for aggressiveness, but through diligence and daily working together, Khaos has become a neighborhood fixture.

Anne Frank exhibit featured at Tamarack District Library this fall

One of the most well-read books in the world, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” is the basis for an exhibit coming to the Tamarack District Library this fall.

Translated into 70 languages and distributed world-wide, the young Jewish girl’s account of her life during the Holocaust has sold over 30 million copies. But Anne Frank’s diary has become more than an account of her life; it has become an international symbol for peace and tolerance.

Upcoming and pending services for Sept. 8, 2021

Upcoming and pending services for Sept. 8, 2021