2021 Montcalm County Fair Results

2021 Montcalm County Fair Results

PHOTO GALLERY: The aebleskivers have returned to Greenville

Danish Festival Open Air Breakfast

TIM SKUBICK: Inside a presidential visit to a Michigan farm

In a rare national spotlight focused on the Traverse City region over the Fourth of July weekend, the whole country got a peek at a family that lays claim to an achievement that few if any other families have realized.

Family members were rubbing elbows with some heavy political hitters and as you are about to read, it’s not the first time King Orchard elbows have been rubbed with folks with the last name Biden.

SEN. RICK OUTMAN: School aid budget nearing completion

As the news of Gov. Whitmer signing into law over $4 billion in supplemental school aid funding hit headlines across the state, I hope the K-12 budget the Legislature sent over is next on her list.

For years, the Legislature approved responsible budgets that paid down debt and put money away for a rainy day. This responsible budgeting, along with federal emergency funds and a better-than-expected resurgence of the state’s economy put us in a pretty good position moving forward.

GUEST VIEW: Meetings on wind are over the top

Dear Editor,

It’s sad to see township meetings being turned into “clown shows” by people who have no respect for the other people at the meeting, the rules of conducting a meeting or even their own self-respect.

MAUREEN BURNS: Where were you, my friend?

It seems like a paltry sum now. With the COVID death count at 1/2 million, plus — the fact that 2,983 (from 90 nations) were killed on 9/11, just doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. But it was!

I just read “The Only Plane In The Sky: An Oral History of 9/11” by Garrett M. Graff. It was impossible to put down. We know it all — yet we don’t! This book, using more than 500 actual accounts, from every perspective you can imagine, retells the events/feelings/experiences/horrors of those 24 hours that most of us remember so well. It took more than 17 years to write, using dozens of historians and journalists to do it. Graff said he cried almost every single day as he compiled the first draft. I will share various quotes and details, but not list every narrator.

STEVE MERREN: Deer are creatures of habit

I sat silently watching a trail I had vigorously maintained all summer and well into fall because there was sure to be at least a deer or two that would walk it before nightfall.

It was a staple at the time and I knew that the deer were coming but what I didn’t figure was that the deer knew I was sitting.

Ionia, Montcalm school districts unsure of COVID-19 restrictions for upcoming school year

As summer continues to move along mid-swing through July, school administrators and concerned parents already have their thoughts focused on the start of school, now just one month away. 

This was made evident during the July 12 meeting of the Greenville Public Schools Board of Education, as members of the public came forward with concerns — at the forefront is what kind of COVID-19 restrictions may be in place as students return to the classroom. 

GUEST VIEW: Montcalm County can control its own energy destiny

A Grand Rapids lawyer, who made a living representing real estate developments in cities across the state, submitted a Guest View in the July 10 edition of the Daily News to inform the world that there is a proposed development that he disapproves of.

My first thought, when reading the Guest View of Robert Scott, was that we have another transplant from an urban locale wanting to tell us what to do with our farmland. One of the reasons Michigan became a Right to Farm state was to prevent folks like this from habiting vacation cottages in farm country (because they adore our farm aesthetic) but want to tell us that our “offensive” farm sights, smells and noises better not cross his or her property line.

Greenville hosts Granby School of Wrestling, youth camp to bolster skills on the mat

With a three count and a clap, the next generation of Greenville wrestlers were off. 

Faces old and new convened at the pavilion at McCarthy Park on Wednesday, the site of the Greenville Youth Wrestling camp. The goal was to take advantage of the day, improving and getting better.