Lume Natural deodorant review

This review is going to force me to confess that I spend far too much time scrolling through my Facebook feed. I kept seeing an ad for Lume deodorant and without listening, I could tell they were unique.

Living life on the open road

Dana Gallagher loves Michigan and she thinks the change of seasons is lovely. That didn’t change her excitement to jump on an opportunity to live wherever her feet may take her.

THE AMISH COOK: Why are we Amish?

“How do you do it?” you ask. I know our culture is dramatically not the same as the majority of you. I enjoy your questions about our lifestyle and even more about our belief system.

MAUREEN BURNS: Doing the best we can

We are all in this life together. Yet, we are all individuals and walking our walk alone. Many have mates or partners. Many don’t. Even if you have one, you can’t count on them being supportive or on the “same page” as you walk your walk.

TIM SKUBICK: Guarding the Michigan National Guard

Michigan has about 11,000 National Guard men and women who are paid to protect the citizens of Michigan, but turns out those same citizens, through their federal income taxes, are actually paying to protect the National Guard soldiers and their facilities with a nifty price tag of over $3.3 million.

You just never know when you are going to bump into a story, but the other day while driving on the back road to avoid the downtown traffic in Grayling, it goes past the perimeter of Camp Grayling and there, slowly moving down the dirt road on the inside of the camp fence, was this blue pick up truck with the initial DK on the side with one driver inside.

REP. MOOLENAAR: Some things we can all agree on

This month our nation celebrates Independence Day, marking the day that 13 colonies declared independence from Great Britain, and across the country, we celebrate with fireworks, parades, barbecues with friends and family, and many other traditions.

Reed named new director of Flat River Community Library

Having recently taken over the helm of the Flat River Community Library (FRCL), Stefanie Reed is excited not only about her own future, but the future of the library. 

Reed, 39, was hired following the departure of Mattie Cook, who left after three years in that position.

Summer Reading Club underway at Carson City, Crystal libraries

Join Summer Reading Club 2021 at the Carson City Public Library and the Crystal Community Library!

Our theme this year is “Tails and Tales.” Programs run through July 28 and schedules are posted online and at the libraries.

Montcalm Township Board members debate conflict of interest

When it comes to who is and isn’t allowed to speak on the subject of wind energy at the level of local government, the answer may not be as clear as expected. 

During the June 9 meeting of the Montcalm Township Board, Trustee Brian Cousineau made it clear he believes the township hasn’t done enough to address the topic of conflict of interest. 

PUBLIC FORUM: Have Mercy thankful for donations

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much to the Wabasis Shores Condominium Association for their donations of household furniture, kitchen items and bedding/towels to the homeless and hungry of Montcalm and Ionia counties.