Greenville girls soccer season ends in district quarterfinals to Northview, 6-0

In the two practices leading up to Wednesday’s hosted district quarterfinals game against Northview, the Greenville girls soccer team and head coach Joe Reisner had no reason to think they’d be on the losing end.

“We were phenomenal,” Reisner said of this week’s practices. “We were a different team than what we had tonight and I’ve never wanted a game more for anybody than what I wanted for those seniors tonight.”

MIKE TAYLOR: Am I missing quarantine?

I’m glad the apocalypse is winding down.

As it was for most folks, this has been the longest year of my life. The months dragged on interminably, one long slog through gray, lonely days and dark, uneventful nights.

The class of 2021: Montabella High School

The class of 2021: Montabella High School

Tri County senior earns high school diploma and associate degree at age 15

When Voca Ford was only 2 years old, her mother Tyana would read books to her.

Tyana was not surprised when Voca began to read words back and didn’t realize until Voca started preschool at age 3 that most toddlers don’t know how to read, how to count, know the days of the week, months, colors and planets and more.

Site for motocross training facility no longer for sale

Developer looks for new property as Belding Planning Commission tables the matter

The property off M-44 may no longer be for sale, but Shane Larsen is now looking for a new place to build his motocross training facility.

The Belding Planning Commission originally intended to hold a public hearing on Tuesday regarding a zoning amendment that would potentially accommodate for outdoor recreation facilities after hearing a request from Larson to construct a 66-acre motocross training off M-44; however, upon hearing that the M-44 property sold to someone other than Larsen, the matter is being tabled at this time.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Upcoming and pending services for May 27, 2021

Upcoming and pending services for May 27, 2021