Hometown News for May 22, 2021

Hometown News for May 22, 2021

Graduation Review 2021: Forging their own paths

High school graduation is an exciting and sometimes anxious time in students’ lives. Graduates and their parents are reflecting on their school years and looking forward to what the next life chapter may bring.

Honor a Veteran: Charles Hargreaves

Honor a Veteran: Charles Hargreaves

Graduation Review 2021: Montabella grads inspired to teach

For some, teaching is more than just a job. It’s a vocation, a career to which one is called. It is a career requiring patience, understanding and inspiration in equal measure.

AMISH COOK: Gloria serves up french toast bake

Excitement reigns high these days and the questions are endless: “Mom, is it now only three days till we travel to Ohio? Mom, Will I get to sleep with Aunt Mary? Mom, may I pack my bags?”

Traveling has been something I’ve enjoyed since I was a young girl. Being a mom and packing for eight adds a rich dimension. Yes, I love it, though I won’t deny that there are also challenges strewn among the blessings!

Graduation Review 2021: Montabella salutatorian aims high after high school graduation

Kendall Bolton has always felt at home in planes. Since Kendall was a little girl, she and her family have flown to Florida to visit her grandmother every year.

BIRTHDAY: Catherine Hansen

BIRTHDAY: Catherine Hansen

Lakeview library’s summer reading program possible through sponsors

The Tamarack District Library Summer Reading Program is “Tails and Tales.”

GUEST VIEW: Michigan’s 2022 budget moved toward completion

For years, the Legislature approved responsible budgets that paid down debt and put money away for a rainy day. Fast forward to 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic had its hold on the state. The uncertainty that followed took a toll on the state’s finances, but thanks to responsible budgeting, along with emergency federal funding, we were left in a better place than originally expected.

Budget discussions in the Legislature have ramped up and efforts between lawmakers are in full swing. The Senate recently finished approving subcommittee appropriations budgets, which brings the fiscal year 2022 budget one step closer to completion as my colleagues and I work out the final details.

TIM SKUBICK: The slow roll to the truth

In the political game, if someone is doing something that he or she does not want the public to know, you should first assume that eventually, the public will find out. In the case of former President Bill Clinton, he finally admitted he did have sex with that woman after he stared into the camera six months early and said he did not.

The second rule if you are contemplating anything secret, you should ask yourself, should we be doing this in the first place and if the public did discover this, what would the reaction be? To avoid being accused of keeping “secrets” perhaps the information should be revealed from the get-go which could limit any political damage.