Starting a garden from scratch

Like many Michiganders, I typically plant my garden around Memorial Day using plants I purchased from a greenhouse or a flea market. But this year, I wanted to try starting some of my plants from scratch.

I ordered a variety of free gardening catalogs this past winter and after lots of reading and daydreaming (what else was there to do this winter?) I decided to order from Annie’s Heirloom Seeds. I planted four kinds of tomatoes and five kinds of peppers (I love peppers!), plus some Brussels sprouts, in a basic seed tray, using a heat mat and a tray cover until the seeds sprouted.

Reader’s Say

Daily News readers were asked to share their best house cleaning tips and tricks. Chuck Vandette, Lakeview — “Take a nap.” Yvonne Denise Harwood, Belding — “You know those little sponge craft paint brushes. Best thing ever for cleaning all the tiny little vents and creases on an oven, well and other things. I got that when I saw car […]

Greenville Garden Club: Come grow with us

During this time of coping with COVID, many people have started a new garden or expanded their present garden space and perfected their gardening skills.

What are the benefits of gardening? Personally, it’s exercise, fresh air to breathe after keeping windows closed all winter, and always a positive outlook for the future. An opportunity to see seeds sprout and grow, watch for the next flower to bloom, and adding a new plant you may have been wanting to try. God’s beautiful world…Nature.

Closing one door to open another

I have been taking inventory of my house this past week. Each room sparks a memory and a twinge of nostalgia.

My husband and I moved into our dream home seven years ago on May 10. I still remember when we were house shopping and finding things we liked in each house that we toured. It was when we walked into our home on a cold, snowy spring day in 2014, that the crackling fire and warm wood floors said, “Welcome, you’re home.”

BIRTHDAY: Virginia Christensen

Virginia Christensen will celebrate her 85th birthday May 18.


Hometown News for May 15, 2021

Brackers’ donation enriches the Belding library

Alvah N. Belding library Director Britney Dillon acknowledges Pat and Dick Bracker as longstanding donors to the library.

Because of their overwhelming generosity, the library has been able to fund significant additions in the fiction and DVD collections. The library appreciates their unending support.

Gardening seeds available at Crystal Community Library

We are excited to announce the Crystal Community Library Seed Library! Our seed library is a community seed exchange. Check-out new gardening related items and choose from a variety of seeds to take home. Our goal is that participants will plant their seeds and grow the vegetables, flowers or herbs provided. After harvesting your plant please save the seeds and bring them back to the library so that our seed exchange will keep going and growing! See more details at the Crystal Community Library.

Sparrow Carson Hospital caregiver recognized for vaccine assistance

Sparrow Carson Hospital has recognized Pharmacy Technician Megan Obermiller as its Caregiver of the Quarter, citing the special assistance she provided over the COVID-19 vaccine.

Obermiller was nominated by a fellow caregiver who recounted a conversation between Obermiller and a patient who was desperate to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The patient was frustrated because she didn’t know where to call to get an appointment for her vaccine. Obermiller took the time during a busy COVID-19 vaccine clinic to step aside with the patient, provide options and instructions. 

TIM SKUBICK: ‘Hollywood’ for governor?

Chief James Craig for governor.

Chief who for what?

Those are legitimate questions for those who don’t live in Detroit.