City of Greenville, Eureka Township reach water and sanitary sewer service agreement

After 35 years, clarity appears to be on the horizon regarding water and sewer systems for this city, its neighboring township and residents of both communities

An agreement between Greenville and Eureka Township was first reached in August 1986 for a public sewer service, which allowed for residents in both the township and the city living around Baldwin Lake to utilize the city sewer service after the township requested that the city provide sanitary sewer service at Baldwin Lake within the township’s boundaries. 

Sports Roundup for April 26, 2021

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Local business awarded Easton Township marijuana license, twice

The Easton Township Board awarded, then rescinded, then re-awarded an adult-use marijuana retail license to a local business after the other applicant threatened a lawsuit.

The township still may end up being sued.

Ionia city planners consider housing options

The wheels of government turn slowly, but the Ionia Planning Commission is getting closer to amending an ordinance to allow more housing options in the city than just single-family detached homes and apartment buildings.

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Monday, April 26, 2021