Portland Township launching major campaign to improve household recycling

Portland Township is teaming with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) and national nonprofit The Recycling Partnership (TRP) to introduce a first-of-its-kind community-wide project aimed at improving the quality of materials residents recycle in their drop-off program during 2021.

Portland Township launched a drop-off recycling campaign in April with awareness and outreach activities to continue through the spring and summer across the community.

GUEST VIEW: Danger in forgetting crucial role played by news media

After four years of bitter verbal abuse, baseless attacks and threats from the highest officials in the United States, it is reassuring to hear a ringing recognition of the critical role the news media play in our country.

That’s a lesson rooted in the First Amendment promise of press freedom and taught to us in high school civics and U.S. history classes. Sadly and dangerously, some Americans have forgotten that lesson or choose deliberately to ignore it.

AMISH COOK: An evening of celebration

Take a moment to get the picture — it’s Wednesday evening of the big day — the final adoption of our precious foster children.

Hosanna, age 4 flitting here and there through the group of family and friends, gathering for the celebration party at Daniel’s shop. I took a moment to observe her holding Julia’s hand, both wearing their new lavender dresses. Yes, they are sisters forever. Then there was Jesse, age 3 in a lavender shirt and blue pants, matching Elijah, who is only four months younger. The most awaited day has come. As of this morning, we are a forever family.

GUEST VIEW: Are we just another banana republic?

It is likely that when our Founding Fathers put our democratic republic firmly in place more than 200 years ago, they never really thought that any political party or entity might actually attempt to undermine or nullify it.

Then came the Civil War. Lincoln’s historical Gettysburg Address in 1863, however, reinforced the hopeful and determined notion “that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” 

Purple martins return to Michigan, a sign of spring

In a sure sign that spring is not far behind, the first purple martins of the year have been spotted in Michigan. 

The birds were seen on March 26 in the city of Three Rivers by a purple martin enthusiast — one of many people throughout the eastern and central United States who track and report on the birds’ annual migration on behalf of the Purple Martin Conservation Association.

MAUREEN BURNS: Fake it till you make it

“Until I’m bigger, I’m just gonna wink with both eyes.” That decision was made and said by my 4-year-old granddaughter, Ryane.

You can tell it’s a kid saying it because no adult, especially no woman, would say ‘until I am bigger!’ Older, maybe, but not bigger! God forbid!

Readers Say: Spring home and yard projects

Daily News readers were asked what projects that have tackled or plan to tackle around home. Cheryl Young, Lakeview — “I cleared my china cabinet and put lights in it.” Melissa Balinski, Belding — “Finishing off the sink hole from an improperly filled pool in the backyard, planting some hostas and getting some ferns to hang on the front porch.” […]

STEVE MERREN: Big smiles and stiff necks

With the warmer air sticking around overnight and the rain coming in at a comfortable pace, one thing can be assured — it’s mushroom picking season.

For those of us who find morel hunting to be close to the pinnacle of outdoor adventures, it is finally time to get out and start looking. While it may still be a little early to find morels in surplus, because the conditions are just starting to become prime for morel growth, they are starting to pop up. 

Cicada, the singer of the song of summer

Many have heard the high-pitched buzzing from high in the treetops late in the summer. The sound is hard to ignore as it can drown out many other sounds that are more sublime. It is not a bird, it is not a device, it is the cicada – an insect! Much like other noise making insects, such as grasshoppers and […]

TC schools break ground on new elementary school

Tri County Area Schools broke ground Thursday morning on a new K-5 elementary building, part of a $37 million bond, passed by voters a year and a half ago.

The new school will centralize the district, putting all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, on one campus, increasing efficiency while also improving safety and traffic flow, according to Superintendent Al Cumings.