What’s your favorite thing about Portland?

Taking what’s good and making it better

There are so many things to love about Portland, that it can be hard to pick your favorite. Is it the natural beauty of our surroundings, with two rivers, trees and parks aplenty, and flora and fauna to spare? Is it the many unique and quirky small businesses, from restaurants to quilt shops, that make our town a destination? Or is it the wonderful people, who pull together — in good times and bad — to create a close-knit and happy community?

Stone Cold Cole Stone

CC-Crystal’s Stone defeats top seed in 140-pound bracket, wins first individual Division 4 state championship of career

One wrestler came into Saturday’s Division 4, 140-pound championship match with two losses while the other came in undefeated.

Carson City-Crystal junior Cole Stone was not the undefeated wrestler but he certainly performed like one.

Maple Valley Township Planning Commission hosts unruly wind energy meeting

After hosting a stormy wind meeting in February via Zoom, followed by a vote to repeal the township’s controversial wind ordinance in March via Zoom, Maple Valley Township officials met for an in-person — but no less turbulent — meeting Thursday evening.

Three dozen people attended an unruly 90-minute meeting inside the freezing Coral Community Center (“We went over to Gratiot County and stood right underneath a turbine and this (Community Center) furnace was louder than that turbine,” Planning Commissioner Randy Davis told audience members, most of whom left their coats on).

Spring cleaning

Community members organize volunteer graffiti cleanup event for Central Riverside Park in Belding

Ashley McCreery and her 7-year-old nephew, Taiytum McCarty, were walking through Central Riverside Park in Belding a few weeks ago when they noticed a problem that could use some attention.

“He (Taiytum) was moaning to me the whole time as we were walking, saying that the park was ruined because someone had spray-painted nasty words everywhere,” McCreery told the Daily News. “We kept looking around and found that the place is just covered in glass. Someone had smashed bottles everywhere.”

Upcoming and pending services for April 5, 2021

Upcoming and pending services for April 5, 2021

Monday, April 5, 2021

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