GUEST VIEW: Open meetings still need to be open

The coronavirus has changed the way we live, limiting travel, closing schools and businesses, forcing us to stay home to stay safe.

But the coronavirus could not stop the workings of government.

AMISH COOK: The seeds of spring bring joy at the Yoders

I simply forgot how good sunshine feels. You know, those perfect spring days when even a sweater is no longer needed and the sun gently bestows the most gentle rays, relaxing every muscle of your body.

Elijah has been begging for me to go outside and play ball with him in the yard. At long last, it’s actually possible; it’s not too muddy, neither is it bone-chilling cold. How can it go from zero to 70 degrees in only a month? I don’t know, but I know that there are no complaints of spring on the way.

GUEST VIEW: Wind topic calls for real conversations

Michigan residents understand the need for our country to be transitioning to clean energy sources such as solar and wind and research shows that they strongly support wind turbines as the major provider of this green energy.

New arrivals for March 20, 2021

New arrivals for March 20, 2021

Home products to eat, smell and read

I recently had a marketing company contact me to see if I was interested in reviewing some products. This has been happening more frequently.

MACC: CAD & Engineering generates passion, provides experience sending students onto career paths

From assessing crumbling bridges, building automotive parts and designing buildings from the ground up, the talents and services of architects, designers and engineers have become crucial in an ever-changing world.

Such career offerings, rooted in an education in computer-aided drafting and design (CAD) and engineering, are as far-reaching as one could imagine, with opportunities available halfway across the world and right at home in the heart of Montcalm County.

MACC: Construction Trades give a hands-on chance to develop skills

From learning the basics of how to firmly pound a nail with a hammer, to operating complex saws, installing light fixtures and building houses, the skills learned via a construction trade can carry on with an individual for a lifetime.

Beyond that, they can also lead to a promising, rewarding career.

TIM SKUBICK: The $10 billion challenge

With $10 billion in new federal COVID assistance flowing into state coffers, would it not be ironic if a hunting trip turned out to be the element that is needed to end a feud between the governor and the GOP Legislature on spending this cash?

JULIE STAFFORD: Democracy demands journalism

The saying “no news is good news” is rarely — if ever — true.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, that statement is “said to make someone feel less worried when they have not received information about someone or something, because if something bad had happened, they would have been told about it.”

What’s sprouting?

Daily News readers share what they are planting this year

Compiled by Stacie Smith Jessica Malcolm, Belding — “(I am) mostly planting tomatoes, basil, peppers, zucchini, squash and puffs. I may try popcorn, as well as brussel sprouts also…I planted both too late last year.” Joe Swanky, Belding — “Green beans, squash, peas, tomatoes, radishes carrots, swiss chard, beets, lots of peppers, and definitely rosemary again.” Sasha Hall, Greenville — […]