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Ryan "Scoop" Schlehuber is a correspondent for the Daily News.

HOME: Those old plastic pumpkin treat buckets make a good DIY project for Halloween

By Ryan Schlehuber | September 23, 2023

If there’s one thing I love to do is repurpose old things. If there’s another thing I love to do, it is repurposing things for holiday use, especially Halloween.

One project I recently did was repurposing vintage plastic Halloween jack-o’-lantern treat buckets into a wonderful porch decor.

Organizing chaos

By Ryan Schlehuber | August 26, 2023

With the new school year underway, the chaos that is parenting has now shifted into overdrive.

But, for parents who have children going into the next level of education, be it preschool, middle school or high school, there is such a thing as “organized chaos,” and a few local parents offer some advice as to how to do it without mentally or physically exhausting yourself.

NONPROFIT DAY: Central Montcalm Community Foundation aiming to reach the $3M mark

By Ryan Schlehuber | August 17, 2023

It was only two years ago that the Central Montcalm Community Foundation reached its goal of surpassing the $2 million mark in funding, and now the foundation is set out to reach the $3 million mark even faster.

The Foundation began as an educational foundation through the Central Montcalm Public School in 1992, headed by Tom Mall. Six years later, the Foundation applied and was granted the right to be a community foundation, and has flourished ever since, according to Foundation Board President Ginger Gurecki.

LIFESTYLES: ‘Crafting’ more attention

By Ryan Schlehuber | August 12, 2023

Every year, Evelyn Mosier and Alisanne Gray venture to various cities and towns in Michigan, seeking out arts and crafts shops and antique stores, “making a day of it with a small band of friends,” as they put it.

Now they’re hoping to create that experience in Greenville, which can benefit both crafters and local businesses as well as those niche shoppers like Mosier and Gray, who also happen to be crafters themselves.

HOME: A quick guide to camping in Michigan

By Ryan Schlehuber | July 29, 2023

A bedsheet, a pillow, a blanket and some clothesline pins. That’s all I needed for my first experience of camping. And I loved it.

One of my favorite childhood memories was spending the night outside under a bedsheet that was thrown over a clothesline. 

Big 4-0 for Big L Lumber in Greenville

By Ryan Schlehuber | July 12, 2023

As Max Lehman’s father put it, the business of a lumber supply company could change in a matter of five minutes.

For the past 40 years, that business has been steadily humming and has met the challenges of many changes during those years at Big L Lumber’s Greenville location at 5981 S. Greenville Road.

Flat River Historical Society to host 2nd annual Garden Tea Party on Saturday 

By Ryan Schlehuber | July 07, 2023

The Flat River Historical Society will be hosting its second annual Garden Tea Party at the museum at 213 N. Franklin St. starting at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Fire-proofing your home for the summer months

By Ryan Schlehuber | July 01, 2023

I’ve noticed recently the smoke alarms in my home were making a quick chirping sound. So I did what any normal and responsible home owner would do — I changed the battery.

But suddenly, in the wee hours of the morning, the chirping continued. It quickly became befuddling and irritating. 

‘My story’: Local firefighter cautions homeowners on use of generators in power outages

By Ryan Schlehuber | July 01, 2023

Tyler Jones, a Greenville firefighter for the past seven years, has seen his fill of preventable tragedy when it comes to home safety against fires and toxic gases. 

One such incident almost cost him his own family’s lives.