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MIKE TAYLOR: Julie handled bullies well

By Mike Taylor | June 08, 2023

For those of us at the Daily News, the retirement of publisher Julie Stafford is A Big Deal. 

There was a lovely commemorative edition of the paper published a couple weeks back detailing her time at the helm. Copies were available at her retirement party, but I didn’t take one. I know she’s retired; I don’t want to be reminded of that fact.

MIKE TAYLOR: Up in smoke

By Mike Taylor | June 01, 2023

My grandson has decided to start smoking.

Blake’s only 10, a little young to be making long-term decisions regarding his pulmonary health, but since his father is likely to end his life over the incident anyway, not being able to run the Boston Marathon at age 40 won’t be an issue.

MIKE TAYLOR: Humiliation is my ‘trail buddy’

By Mike Taylor | May 25, 2023

Embarrassment is just a part of life. Everyone, from prince to pauper, does dumb stuff from time to time, and many get caught doing it. So why should I feel undue humiliation over the events of last weekend?

I dunno. As a rule, I blame my Catholic upbringing for saddling me with these copious helpings of shame and regret. Even after all these years, I carry more of both than one man really needs in order to remain morally centered.

CC-C graduating senior wants to help others

By Mike Taylor | May 20, 2023

The course of each life is influenced by the many: friends, family, teachers. All have their parts to play. But in the final reel, that course must be navigated by only one: the person herself.

Along that path, she encounters events and opportunities — even tragedies — that guide her toward whatever future awaits.

Montabella grad helping to ‘build’ better cows

By Mike Taylor | May 19, 2023

All kids love animals and most, at one time or another, have owned pets. Cats, dogs, hamsters, children love them all.

Montabella High School graduating senior BraLynn Clark had her sights set on something a bit larger.

MIKE TAYLOR: Talk dirty to me

By Mike Taylor | May 18, 2023

Let’s talk dirty.

Or maybe not. I’m actually kinda burned out on profanity at the moment.

MIKE TAYLOR: Boxcars revisited

By Mike Taylor | May 11, 2023

Today’s column is longer than usual.

There’s a reason for this: I wrote it nearly 20 years ago, back when I didn’t have a word cap to work with. If you’re reading this, it means Darrin, our managing editor, is being merciful and is letting me get away with going over my weekly allotted limit.

MIKE TAYLOR: Worrying over the grandkids

By Mike Taylor | April 27, 2023

I raised my kids. For better or worse, I’m done now.

Aubreii and James are still a huge part of my life, but I’m no longer responsible for making sure they’re in bed early on school nights or — in the case of my daughter — that they realize boys are essentially monkeys that have learned to walk upright but in all other respects are identical to their tree-climbing progenitors.

MIKE TAYLOR: Science can stink

By Mike Taylor | April 20, 2023

I’m a big fan of science, but even I have to admit that sometimes it stinks. The problem is science is always trying to change things.

Every time a new fact is discovered, an old fact must be revised. This doesn’t sit well with most folks, me included. See, we’re genetically predisposed to enjoy familiarity. Even the most adventurous spirit appreciates the stability provided by routine.

MIKE TAYLOR: ‘No service’ economy

By Mike Taylor | April 13, 2023

Every day, it gets harder to shop.

I should preface this by saying, “I hate to gripe, but …” but the truth is, I love to gripe. Complaining, preferably loudly and at length, is something us geezers excel at. Me especially.