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AMISH COOK: An Amish ordination

Are you familiar with Amish ordinations? An ordination is a service where a new minister, deacon, or bishop is ordained.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: In like a lamb

I sighed a slight sigh when I decided what I’ll be telling you about this week.  We all like good stories with good endings, right? Well, you know how it is; the time that lapses before a good ending can be stressful.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: Relaxation, renewal and time with loved ones

We are packing up. It’s time to head back home.  I’m excited to go yet I can’t say that there are no mixed feelings to go with it. I will miss our little cabin on the hill and the many friends and family in these rolling hills in Knox County. The sunrises beyond the valleys below will remain etched in my heart and mind.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: Heading home

Our time in Ohio is passing on wings. How can days melt so swiftly?... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK Settling into a summer routine

We rounded the corner and started up the long, winding lane. We had arrived at our destination.  The usual six- to seven-hour trip to Danville, Ohio, was done in less than six hours.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: The little cabin

We are packing up to leave. Sister Mary has a little cabin on a hilltop tucked in among the pines. It is a perfect little get-away... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: Getting ready for baby

We’re working on organizing closets, cleaning out neglected corners, and getting things in order before the baby comes. I’m enjoying every bit of it.  You know organizing is a hobby of mine but there are, unfortunately there are no brag stories of keeping everything that way.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: The warmth of a wedding

Bright sunny changes. Yes, that’s right.   The day dawned sunny and beautiful with a pronounced gladness... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: A moment too precious for words

What a day to be remembered. When I first heard about the eclipse, I pictured something like the one we had seven years ago.... READ MORE >

AMISH COOK: Focusing on good things

I glance back, I see memories. I look into the future, I see no certainty. I look at the moment and thank God for what I have right now.... READ MORE >