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AMISH COOK: Wedding day memories

By Gloria Yoder | March 25, 2023

The morning dawned as all other mornings. It was cool, in fact it was downright chilly. 

My mind endlessly traveled to 13 years ago. It had been sunny, with temps in the mid-70s. We could not possibly have had a day more perfect for our wedding.

AMISH COOK: Real life with real challenges

By Gloria Yoder | March 18, 2023

How can a Sunday afternoon possibly be so relaxing after a week of what seemed like such an eventful week? The past week blends into something like a haze lined with touches of God’s goodness in degrees of which I trusted or worried.

You know how it goes. First-grader Hosanna sprains her ankle while jumping on the trampoline. Next, little Joshua twists his foot while taking a bike ride, then hangs onto Mama every bit of his waking hours. Yes, there’s also a fatigued Mama.

AMISH COOK: A surprise box

By Gloria Yoder | March 11, 2023

“Austin, you may answer the knock on the door.”

 The knock had come at the living room door, the room where we were relaxing and winding down for the night.  

AMISH COOK: A visit to the chestnut field

By Gloria Yoder | March 04, 2023

It’s true. The sun is shining and it even feels a bit like spring!

The best thing about sunny days (in my way of thinking) is unwinding in the chestnut field with 1,135 saplings. Going up and down the long rows, there’s usually something to do. Yesterday I started with the project of untying the black ties that secure the trees to the tube-like guards.

AMISH COOK: Family dinner night

By Gloria Yoder | February 25, 2023

The children and I have come to enjoy our times spent with my cousin Josh, his wife Joyce, and their five children. At any given time they, as many others, have been there for us during these times of adjusting and readjusting as we miss Daniel.

AMISH COOK: A day in Amish school

By Gloria Yoder | February 18, 2023

Right now I am sitting in my desk at school. It is Tuesday so the teachers led our devotions. The men in our church take turns coming to have devotions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

AMISH COOK: The last half

By Gloria Yoder | February 11, 2023

Why is it so easy to always be living on the last half of everything? Whether it’s the last half of energy, the last half of time, the last half of resources, we so naturally plan and do all we possibly can.

Recently my brother remarked about how much he enjoys life since he allows a margin with his plans and schedules and is no longer living with a time crunch every way he turns.

AMISH COOK: Making our way through the valley

By Gloria Yoder | February 04, 2023

I’m amazed as I see God at work. He’s been working through you, my friends, who have been praying for us and supporting us in countless ways over the past 10 months since Daddy Daniel was called home to heaven.

This past week I was amazed anew; yes, I think that is the best-describing word I can find, for what I felt as I chatted with a friend, I knew well during our little girl days when we lived in Ohio.

AMISH COOK: Nesting and lullabies

By Gloria Yoder | January 28, 2023

My favorite spot in our cabin is in front of the heater on my fuzzy carpet; I find it relaxing to watch wildlife in the woods right outside those double windows.

‘Daniel-izing’ our desserts

By Gloria Yoder | January 21, 2023

There are old-fashioned recipes that have been around for decades, then there’s the new concoctions that leave me amazed at places a good imagination can take a person. Then you have people like me who have a difficult time even following a recipe!