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TEN QUESTIONS: Supporter of urgent support

Ten Questions is a weekly feature by the Daily News profiling some of our many local community leaders.

1. Who are you? Kathy Zamarron-Bresnahan. I live in the Trufant area on a little bucolic lake with my husband, Toby. I have three wonderfully supportive children and five grand-loves. I retired a few years ago from a job I loved as the director of transportation for Greenville Public Schools.

Kathy Bresnahan

2. Describe your commissioner duties/responsibilities in 50 words or less: I believe my duty is to not just listen but to hear the constituents’ concerns and needs. Then make smart fiscal decisions based on those needs and be consciously considerate of their concerns.

3. What is your favorite part about your job? What’s the most challenging? My favorite part of my job as a Montcalm County commissioner is getting to know the constituents in the areas of Montcalm County I currently and will represent (due to redistricting changes coming next year after this year’s elections). I thoroughly enjoy the conversations with them. It’s very enlightening. The most challenging part of the job is finding the time to get to all the meetings! Also, being fiscally responsible when county financials are limited.

4. What local issues are the most important to you in Montcalm County, and what are some of your main priorities as commissioner this year? I serve on the Substance Use Disorder Advisory Council, Recovery & Integrated Services of Care (SUDAC), on the board for the Montcalm Care Network, Great Start and the Commission on Aging. My eyes have been opened to the urgent support needed in Montcalm County for the youth and adults, whether it’s early education, drug/alcohol abuse or the care of our seniors. I try to remember one step at a time and patience is vital for good change.

5. What’s your favorite local bar/restaurant, and why? There are a few but to save space I’ll give three, knowing I could give you a dozen! Clifford Lake Inn in Stanton is a place to go for great food choice, cold drink and the view cannot be beat, winter, spring, summer or fall! The Kicks in Gowen is a fun and quaint place to meet friends and family. Good choice of drink and delicious foods. I’m looking forward to trying that soccer golf! I have found Frugthaven Farm’s Kaffebar in Eureka Township offers a delightful space to grab wonderfully made coffee and chat with a friend or sit a quiet space to read a book. The Cidery side bids a fun atmosphere where good conversation and laughter are abundant.

6. What’s a hidden gem in your community that most people might not know about? The gem of the community in my mind is United Way’s 211 phone line for Montcalm/Ionia Counties. They are here to assist those in times of daily need or crisis; rent, transportation, finding food pantries, childcare, etc.  What a blessing they could be for so many.

7. What TV shows/movies/books have you enjoyed lately, and why? I enjoy British TV: “Downton Abbey,” “Doc Marten,” “As Time Goes By” and, of course, “The Derry Girls.” But all that goes by the wayside when the Tigers , Lions or Pistons are playing! My favorite book and author is “The Pale-Faced Lie” by David Crow. It’s one of those books that you should put down because it’s 4 in the a.m. but you just have to read one more page!

8. What do you like the most about living in your particular community? What’s one thing you would change/add/remove if you could? I love the pleasantries of the lakes and the land that offers a plethora of wildlife. It’s so quiet and serene. I look forward to every day here. If I could add it would be more people getting involved in the community. Volunteers are priceless!

9. What stories/columns/features do you enjoy reading the most in the Daily News? What would you like to see more of in your local newspaper? The local news of course keeps me up to date on Montcalm County happenings, but I love reading about our youth’s achievements and sports. I also like to read the opinions. It helps to understand the temperature of how things are faring in the county. I’d like to see more news stories on the positive impact from our county’s department and services are making: the Commission on Aging, SUDAC, Montcalm Care Network, libraries, sheriff’s department, etc.

10. “This has been a big debate within my household for many years: When making homemade pizza, do you prefer the pepperoni above or below the cheese?” (random question submitted by last week’s subject, Montcalm County Sheriff Mike Williams) Bresnahan: Pepperoni on top of the cheese. Once it’s cooked, put it under the broiler for just a second and the pepperoni gets crispy around the edges. Yum!

Kathy Bresnahan can be contacted at kbresnahan@montcalm.us or (231) 250-0050.

Ten Questions is compiled by News Editor Elisabeth Waldon.

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