Wednesday, June 29, 2022

PUBLIC FORUM: Questions about Ionia Public Schools millage

Dear Editor,

To the Ionia Public Schools (IPS) district voters: I find it interesting that IPS has an annual budget of approximately $30 million but somehow cannot find the $70,600 annually to fund the Bulldog Beginnings program.

I, along with my seven siblings, are proud Ionia High School alumni. Our family annually sponsors an endowed scholarship (the Gregory Family Scholarship). Additionally, our family has a strong understanding of the importance and necessity of a well-funded school district. I question the prudence and timing of this millage request. It is particularly troubling that IPS leadership is asking for this milage increase during a time that its citizens are already facing unique financial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is true that the millage, if passed, will not affect your primary residence. However, what about the (1) industrial, (2) commercial, (3) investment property, (4) vacation homes and (5) rental properties? They all will be affected.

If my memory serves me correctly, IPS recently passed a sinking mill tax levy. If the taxpayers of IPS want to restore Bulldog Beginnings, spread the taxes equally. On May 3, I will be casting a “no” vote.

Perry Gregory


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