Thursday, June 30, 2022

PUBLIC FORUM: Lions spaghetti dinner helps to serve

Dear Editor,

Last Friday, a group of Greenville Lions were milling around and a spaghetti dinner broke out.

More than 200 diners showed up and enjoyed spaghetti with sauce that Italy longs for. Tasty salad and luscious desserts topped off their meal. I have to learn Bo’s secret ingredient.

As for the diners their conversation sounded like a continuation of last week. “So how was your winter? Florida again?” They picked up from where they left off in September.

We Lions sure have fun with this project. It’s a fairly good fundraiser. Thanks to a lot of keepers in the community. First, of course, is the wonderful staff at the American Legion. Other help comes from The Winter Inn, Jorgi’s Marketplace, Meijer, Walmart and advertisers on our placemats.

All of their helps us achieve our motto “We Serve.” We will buy eyeglasses, support leader dogs for the blind and sight first vision screening.

Lions International is the world’s largest service club. We’re 1.4 million strong and we’re in 210 countries. Like to join? Call Dan at (616) 894-7345.

Bo Stephenson, Roger Wilson, Larry Anan and Dan Eagles

Greenville Lions Club

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