Friday, December 2, 2022

PUBLIC FORUM: Feeling blessed by long career at M1

Dear Editor,

Thank you all for doing so much to make M1 so very successful. Today, I will officially retire, and Hailie Patterson will be the new M1 CEO. Please know Hailie is an upgrade.

The amazing opportunity to serve and serve with many-many wonderful people during my 31-year career at M1, has truly been a blessing to me. They include staff, volunteers, members and community. 

I have always considered them as “my people” and “the purpose of my work.”

For starters, I offer a special thank you to my family and friends. My family has always been supportive of my work at M1; especially my wife Jane. I know I bored her to tears enumerable times yammering on about what I thought were cool and exciting things happening at M1. Jane, you’re the best!

Thank you to my staff. Over the years, I have been blessed with working alongside many gifted and talented people. They trusted me, they made me better than I was, and they always laughed at my jokes. (Somedays these things even came easy for them!)

Thank you to my volunteers. M1 volunteers serve on the board of directors and committees as a way to give back to they communities. Over my career I was blessed with the opportunity to work with dozens of different M1 volunteers, with many of whom I developed a lasting and special bond. They always listened and cheered me on (i.e. they were very-very patient).

Thank you to my M1 members. They used M1 and entrusted their financial affairs to their credit union, its staff, and to me. I have always considered it a privilege and honor to serve you. Serving you made my work fulfilling. 

Thank you to my communities. I have served in every community that M1 does business, and it held some of the greatest rewards of my career. That reward came in the form of kinships with those whom I served alongside. Some of you are now my best friends. Here, I also thank the many people within the credit union movement both at the state and national level with whom I served. 

Thank you all again for a great 31-year ride. M1 will continue to be a great place to be. While I consider my work at M1 a success, I owe my career to others. All who know me know I have never had an original thought of my own, but only the good sense to surround myself with the brilliance of others by “standing on the shoulders of giants.”


Tim Hemenway

Retiring CEO, Michigan One Community Credit Union


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