Friday, June 2, 2023

New After School Enrichment Program coming to CC-C

CARSON CITY — Seeing a need and finding a way to fill it was the plan behind a new after school child care program for Carson City-Crystal Area Schools.

At its Feb. 13 meeting, the CC-C Board of Education approved an After School Enrichment Program, to begin March 6 and run through May 30.

Alexis Shaver

“ASEP would start at 3:30 and run through 5 p.m. for kindergarten through third-grade students,” Carson City Elementary School Principal Alexis Shaver said. “The program would not run on snow days, half days or early release days.”

After sending out a survey to parents about the potential of such a program, and getting back responses that said there was interest, Shaver began to work with two staff that would work as coordinators of the program to set specific details.

While the final details of the cost are still to be determined, a discount would be offered to those families with two or three children in the program, according to Superintendent John Sattler.

“We would have a set schedule where the students would arrive, have an after-school snack and then do specific activities,” Shaver said. “Those activities could be working on homework/tutoring, crafts, science experiments, or yoga. We would then get ready for the end of the day.”

A pre-assigned adult would then come to sign the student of students out.

“We have applications ready to go out,” Shaver said. “We know this is new, and we may have some glitches to work out, but hopefully parents will be able to roll with the punches with us.”

Sattler explained that running the program for a few months this current school year will allow it to get it rolling, with hopes of expanding it to include fourth and fifth-grade students as well.

“We know that fourth and fifth graders are not old enough to stay home alone,” he said. “Next year we would like to have it open to them as well. We will get the kinks out of the system this spring before adding fourth and fifth grade.”

“I think it is a great idea,” Board Trustee Tom Wilcox said.

Shaver shared the hopes are to start with a minimum of 20 students. Parents would pay per student by the week.

Wanting to keep the After School Enrichment Program affordable, with a possible charge of $5 per day per student, and a reduced price for a second or third child enrolled in the program. It will be pre-paid, with no reimbursement if a child does not attend one day, Sattler said.

“The two coordinators already work for us as part-time para-pros, so they know the students,” Sattler said. “They are willing to take on these additional responsibilities for a program that we really need in our community.”

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