Sunday, June 26, 2022

Mom Prom raises funds for Pierson Township park

From left, Pierson Township Parks & Recreation committee members Sara Burkholder, Rainell Carle, Sara Lofquist and Ellie Newsome have fun at Mom Prom. — Submitted photo

PIERSON TOWNSHIP — The Pierson Township Mom Prom on May 7 at the Whitefish Golf Course Banquet Center raised $6,206 for the township’s pending park project.

A total of $27,009 has been raised to date since last November from various fundraisers held by the township.

Visit to learn about more upcoming fundraisers for the park project.

From left, Lisa Brandow, Lisa Tarachanowicz, Rebecca Willison, Courtney Hutchinson, Julie Haggerty and Carlie Prescott have fun at Mom Prom. — Submitted photo

From left, Komila Pate, Nichole Stoner, Rachel Harris and Sabrina Kadirova have fun at Mom Prom. — Submitted photo

From left, Laurie Hrydziuszko, Lisa Fox Dunneback, Jeanne Hamilton, Kristin Suddreth Nipke, Sue Manente and Darci Szanto have fun at Mom Prom. — Submitted photo

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