Friday, April 12, 2024

JUST IN: Montcalm Area Intermediate School District bond proposal failsFree Access

A $38.6 million bond proposal from the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District failed Tuesday after a majority of voters rejected the request.

With all 51 precincts within eight counties reporting, the proposal was voted down after receiving 6,826 “yes” votes (43.95%) to 8,707 “no” votes (56.05%).

If approved, the bond would have resulted in a mill increase of 0.65 mills over a period of 20 years for the 38,500 residences within the school district, which includes all households within Montcalm County and bordering residences within the seven surrounding counties. 

On a residence with a taxable value at $100,000 (half the actual value of the home), a homeowner would have incurred $65 in additional annual taxes had the bond passed.

The bond request was worded to allocate funds toward improvements and upgrades to facilities district-wide, including a nearly $22 million renovation and expansion of the Seiter Education Center.


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