Thursday, June 1, 2023

3 incumbents win in Stanton

Jane Basom

STANTON — Four people ran for three seats on the Stanton City Commission, three incumbents and one new candidate.

All three incumbents were re-elected, with Jane Basom receiving 216 votes, Tamara Kuhn receiving 154 votes and Everett “Ray” Holloway receiving 130 votes. A fourth candidate Tammy Ferguson received 125 votes.

Stanton also has a new mayor. William Ferguson ran unopposed and received 233 votes in his bid for the position.


Jane Basom, 39, currently serves as a commissioner and has since 2015, “which is longer than anyone currently serving alongside me,” she said.

Basom was a teacher up until four years ago, when she stepped away from that to pursue the start-up of her own web and graphic design business, See Jane B Creative Solutions. In addition to that, she tutors students in math and raises her family.

Basom said she is grateful to have been re-elected.

“I would just like to say thank you to those who cast their vote for me,” she said. “I’m honored to have received so many votes from the residents of the City of Stanton and am prepared to continue to represent and serve them in this next term, as we welcome and make the transition to the leadership of the new mayor.”


Ray Holloway, 66, has been serving on the Stanton City Commission for about six years. He works in the IT department at Montcalm Community College. Before he was appointed to the commission, Holloway said he attended most all meetings.

Ray Holloway

Holloway sits on the Stanton Area Fire Department’s Board of Directors and is also a citizen planner.

He offered his congratulations to his fellow elected commissioners.

“We have a newly elected mayor and I look forward to working with him and our Board of Commissioners to keep the city of Stanton a great place to live, work and play,” he said.

Holloway encourages his constituents to “please reach out to me or other city commissioners with thoughts or questions concerning the business of the city of Stanton.”

“I welcome communication and will always strive to be a source of transparency,” he said.


Tamara Kuhn did not return previous requests for comment on her background and experience, but she did say she was grateful to be re-elected.

“I have tried to be a thoughtful and informed member of the City Commission and am glad that I get to continue to do that,” she said.

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